Magic Mushroom Tea Bag


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Step 1: Boil water
Put your tea bag aside and boil your desired amount of water. You can boil water in your saucepan or pot directly, or boil it in a kettle and pour it in.

Step 2: Add the tea bag
If you’re short on equipment, you can add the tea bag to your saucepan (heat off) and steep for 10-15 minutes that way. You can also add the tea bag to a large bowl and pour the water over them if you prefer.

Step 3: Strain the tea
After roughly 15 minutes of steeping, use a sieve or coffee filters to strain your shroom tea mixture into a teapot to ensure no mushroom bits are left in the tea.

Step 4: Add any garnishes and enjoy!

This is the perfect time to add honey, ginger, or other tea additives to your brew.

Step 5: Store your tea

If you don’t want to drink all your mushroom tea in one sitting, store it in a glass container in the refrigerator to preserve the compounds. Use within a week or two for best results.

How long should you steep shroom tea?
Steeping your mushroom tea for enough time is crucial to getting a sufficient dose of psilocybin. Steep it for at least 10 minutes for desired effects.

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