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Meeting Maryjane


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About Us

With over a decade of experience, Wes and Taxx bring the best of the best to the District of Columbia. Their introduction to gifting marijuana happened the same way as many legends have – in a backyard garden. The two weaved in and out of the cannabis industry, awaiting a more stable political climate to apply their skills. Even while absent on the production side, Wes and Taxx remained connected to the cannabis community. Cannabis-friendly events began to pop-up in Washington D.C and they were all to happy to attend the weed events where they could stir up interest and talk to marijuana vendors. They noticed a gap and lack of consistent quality patients were missing in their community. Patients were receiving accurate strain information at shops, making finding  the right flowers and products difficult. Wes and Taxx set out to change that by developing a brand that valued quality products as much as education and had a goal of supporting everyone whether they were acquainted with cannabis or not. The result was Meeting Maryjane, a brand that Wes and Taxx proudly launched in December 2017.We believe that cannabis should be treated like beer, wine and spirits; all products with different characteristics, each met with various levels of care and each honed to scrupulous levels of refinement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire health and education all while promoting growth in being the leader in giving back to the community that helped us get this far. Our goal is to provide a responsible, sustainable, and inclusive cannabis company and work towards a favorable, social, economic, and regulatory for that industry throughout the D.C Metropolitan area.


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— James Rouch

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— Jessica Nouri

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